Why Couples Should Travel Together

Traveling around the globe with your partner is a great way to find out if they are “the one”. You should get to know your potential spouse at their best and worst if you are going to marry them.

It is important to understand how your loved one responds to adversity, and how they handle stressful situations. If you are going to make a commitment to someone, you need to be clear about what you are doing.

Travel is the best tool to enrich one’s life and discover who someone really is. Travel can make you vulnerable.

Travel is unavoidable and can lead to unexpected and unplanned situations that require one to think logically and solve problems. If you travel with a partner, it’s a good idea to work in a team.

We have spent the past 5 months together traveling and spending approximately 23 hours per day, 7 days a weeks with one another.

We’ve compiled a list with the top 5 reasons couples should travel together.

1. Build Trust

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. If you compromise trust, it is easy to make space for jealousy, anger, and, of course, insecurity. Traveling together is the best way to build trust.

One of the greatest confidence-building strategies one can imagine is to be able to depend on one another in situations you have never considered.

Trust us. When you find yourself in a foreign city at night and have to figure out how to get to a foreign transit system, you will quickly learn to trust one another.

2. Discover each other’s true colors

Many would agree that it’s important to live with someone before you decide to marry them. This is a great way to discover your “true colors”.

If you want to go the next level, then move to another country with your partner. You can take your friends and routines and see how the other person adjusts to this change. You will see your mate as the person he or she really is.

3. Learn to let go

Let’s face it, all you really need is one another. It is easy to become attached to material possessions believing that they add value to our lives, but in reality they only make us feel worse. The bags we carry are much lighter now than they were five months ago when our family left Los Angeles.

We have given away so much junk and now have one suit bag and one backpack.

You’ll soon realize how much you can trust your partner to take care of your needs while you travel together.

4. The Stories

Everybody knows that the best grandparents are those who have the best stories and best candy. Instead of giving your grandkids $5 for their birthdays, spend time with them telling stories about your adventures.

We only hope that our grandkids and children will be inspired to pursue their dreams by hearing about our decision to quit our corporate jobs to travel the globe.

5. Fun!

The other points were all serious and highlighted how traveling can help you strengthen your relationship. However, it is important that you remember that traveling with your best friend can be fun!

We have both traveled extensively together with our families, friends, and solo. But the best time we’ve had on vacation was as a couple. What could be more fun than traveling around the globe with your best friend?