Why Americans Should Travel Now

The USA has not always been the best when it comes to their travel budget. It’s difficult to get on a plane for less $100 than our European counterparts, as we live far from most countries.

For a simple trip across the pond, we need to spend approximately $1000. The strong Euro and Pound allow us to spend hundreds of dollars at restaurants and hotels. Exchange rates reached a record $1.60 per Euro in 2007, and $1.30-1.50 for almost a decade.

Here are some reasons why Americans should travel NOW!

Why not now?

However, 2015 was a year of change. Globally, weak economic conditions led to an increase in the value of the US dollar. China’s and Europe’s growth has slowed down dramatically and Japan is currently in recession. The Euro has dropped to $1.09 from $1.34 in the last year. The dollar is now on par with Euro and the British Pound.

A stronger dollar will get you more bang for your buck. Imagine that you are looking to have a romantic dinner with your partner in Paris for 75 euros. This would cost you about $100 in 2014 (merde!). It’s now only $81 ).

Yes, Paris and its capital cities are still very expensive. It’s now much more affordable than it was before.

Everything, from designer clothes to fish and chip to hotels, is almost 20% less than it was a year ago. Even Scandinavia, once known as Europe’s most expensive region, has seen its average hotel price drop by between 11-19% and this year.

Other Benefits

Avoid the shoulder seasons, which means late winter or early spring. Avoid Florence and Amsterdam, which are hot destinations, and instead choose to travel to more affordable, but equally fascinating places like Zagreb and Tallinn.

EU countries that have not yet adopted the euro are still able to base their economies on it, including Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Romania. All of this is great for making your dollar last a little longer.

It isn’t just for Europe!

Brazil is facing a 12 year low due to a recession. Japan is losing its major car and electronics producers. The Russian ruble lost nearly 40% last year due to sanctions and falling oil prices. It is still recovering.

The Australian dollar has seen its value drop by 42%, while the Indian rupee fell by 42%. The recent civil unrest in many countries, including those that aren’t traded widely around the world, like the Ukranian hryvni and Iranian rial, has also contributed to this drop.

This means you can eat, shop, and play anywhere in the world for less.

Don’t wait!

Take advantage of the strong dollar and book hotels, cars, and trains at a lower average. Treat yourself.

You can hire a private guide to the Venetian Canals. Then, you can eat at a Michelin restaurant or take the Glacier Express. Finally, pamper your loved one with an oceanview suite. We may even be able to get lower flights due to falling gas prices.