Where to travel when the US dollar is strong

The US Dollar is at its highest point right now, which is good news for American tourists who are trying to choose where to travel. We’ve been watching our spending in expensive places like Stockholm, Paris, and Sydney for years. But 2015 saw the dollar steadily rise. A trip to Europe is now affordable!

Here is my list of places to go while the U.S. Dollar is strong.

South Africa

The Rand has fallen 20% against the dollar, making it even more affordable for average people to go on a safari in the wilderness. The flights are also more affordable, as the prices for flights from North America to Johannesburg have fallen by almost 25%.

South Africa is a country with a complicated past, beautiful landscapes, year-round sunshine, and many diverse cultures. It’s difficult not to fall for it. You won’t want to miss the chance to see lions, rhinos and elephants in one of the many game reserves.


Brazil, which is currently enjoying a worldwide popularity because of the 2016 Summer Olympics, offers spectacular vacations at an affordable price. You can get hotels for as low as 12%, so make sure you reserve your hotel room in time to watch the games.

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The Euro is at its lowest level in more than a decade. Get on board the eurotrain now before it’s too late. Belgium is a laid-back, unpretentious country with beautiful architecture, friendly people, and unbeatable beer.

Beer drinkers take notice: There are approximately 125 breweries that produce 800 types of beer. That’s more beer per person than any other country in this world. What’s not to like?


Although Greece is technically still in default, it is technically still on the euro and is ripe to dollar spenders. A night at the Hilton Athens hotel will set you back approximately $150 per night depending on your travel dates. Many hotels and tour operators are cutting prices in order to fill the voids caused by the declining popularity of Greece travel.

Croatia is quickly becoming the European playground of choice, although the averages there are still lower than the rest of Europe. However, this is the perfect time to travel to Croatia to enjoy five-star experiences and a strong dollar.


Oil prices have caused the Australian dollar’s lowest level in six years to plummet. One AUD is now equivalent to 0.71 USD.

Australia is already a budget-friendly destination, so you can get more bang for your dollar with the low exchange rate. Stay for the low prices and the wildlife. ).


You can take advantage of Canada’s weak currency by taking a trip to Vancouver and Toronto. Canadian dollars have fallen almost 20% over the last year. 1 USD will purchase you 1.41 Canadian Dollars.

Flying from the USA isn’t too expensive, so you can easily fly to Montreal or Quebec City for a weekend!


Mexico and Central America will offer you lower prices. Travel has seen an increase in popularity due to the availability of cheap rooms and the improvement of safety and infrastructure. Spend your money at a 5-star all-inclusive hotel in the Mayan Riviera or follow the example of artisans in San Miguel de Allende.