Top Spain Destinations for Female Travelers

What do women really want from a European vacation, and why? Many people long to be able to unwind, relax and enjoy the beauty of foreign destinations. Some people go there to show off their bikini-model bodies, while others are there to relax and enjoy great food and wine.

Ladies, you’ll be happy to know that Spain has food, culture, and beaches!


Spain is divided into multiple regions. Each region offers something different. Marbella should be your first stop. It’s the ideal place to lay on a towel and watch celebs through large, dark sunglasses. Marbella, even without A-listers is brimming with fashionistas that will inspire you for your summer wardrobe.


Madrid is the capital of Spain, so a trip to Spain wouldn’t be complete without it. You can enjoy a tapas or full-service meal at one of the many Spanish restaurants. The delicious portions are small enough to allow foodies to sample a wide range of dishes. You can order as many dishes as you want without guilt, and then wash it down with a glass sangria.


If you are a dancer, Seville, in the Andalusia Region, is the place to go. It is home to flamenco, the traditional Spanish dance. Take in one of the wonderful shows, and then watch the women-in red entertain a cheering crowd.

Flamenco dancing classes are a great way to get your feet moving. Once you have a good appetite, go on a food tour and try the many traditional Southern Spanish dishes.

Explore Spain’s Less-Known Destinations


Maybe you prefer dance music? If so, you should head to Ibiza’s clubs where you can party till dawn and let your hair down. The perfect spot to get rid of that hangover is this tiny island with its beautiful beaches.


This is the fifth and final must-see place for women in Barcelona. It’s possibly the most beautiful city in Spain, though it faces stiff competition from Bilbao! Enjoy tapas and marvel at the intricate architecture of Barcelona.