Top Romantic Escapes in Greece for Couples

It is possible to be a synonym for romance and Greece!

You and your partner will find some of the most welcoming people in the world at the meeting point where volcanic cliffs meet beautiful blue ocean. You will enjoy delicious, romantic meals and the cultural diversity will make your relationship even more special.

Warning: If you travel to Greece before getting married, like we did, about 90% of people will ask you if your on your honeymoon.

These top romantic destinations in Greece are worth a visit if you’re traveling with your significant other.

Cliffs of Akrotiri

Enjoy the stunning views of Santorini, from the Akrotiri side. This is the most romantic part of the island because it has the best cliffside hotels, which are quite affordable.

A 4-star resort was $120 per night in July, we found it!

Mykonos’ Private Beaches

You can rent an ATV or 2 and explore the island looking for a private beach. There were many beaches that we found with stunningly clear, blue waters.

Enjoy the Greek sun (nude), and take a skinny dip with your partner. Mykonos is a place where nudity is not feared.

Relax and enjoy a sunset in Oia, Santorini

One of the most romantic sunsets in the world is the Oia, Santorini sunset. It can be quite crowded. But, get there early to enjoy a picnic with your partner and some wine!

Athens’ Ancient Ruins

There is nothing more romantic than being surrounded by history and exploring ancient ruins. It can be quite calming to imagine yourself walking along the Acropolis thousands of years ago.

Oder maybe we’re just geeks? Not sure.

Embrace Greek Culture

Nea Makri, a beautiful example of true local culture, is located about an hour from Athens. A small town in Greece is like a small-town Italy – it’s a true dream.

It is charming, friendly, simple, and down-to-earth.

Nea Makri, a beautiful representation of small-town Greece, is worth a visit. It is also very close to the Port of Rafina which makes it a great spot for catching a ferry to the Islands.

It’s your turn! What were some romantic places you and your partner have visited in Greece? What activities do you think other couples would like?