Top Destinations for Couples 2022

Let’s face facts: You and your partner both need a romantic getaway this year. Over the past year, we’ve visited many places and have selected our top picks based on the activities and other aspects that make them romantic.

This is a list with our top choices for couples in 2016.

1. Amalfi Coast

Nothing is more romantic than a glass of fine Italian wine at a local vineyard, right on the shores of one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the globe. You can rent a kayak and go on a sea-going adventure exploring the towns hidden beaches. It’s romantic to just walk through the streets.

2. Bali

Enjoy a relaxing massage for two, or get lost in the jungle and hike to an active volcano. You can also lay down on the beach and just enjoy each other’s company.

3. South of France

One of the most stunning views we have ever seen is the French Riviera. As you walk along the Nice boardwalk, turquoise waters meet silver pebbles.

Perhaps you would like to spend the day wine tasting in Provence, and then cap it off with a delicious dinner on the water at Cassis. You can reach everything on the Cot D’Azur by train in just two hours.

4. Tuscany

Enjoy the best wines, local cheeses and meats, as well as the serenity and peace that make Italy what it is. Tuscany is the embodiment of everything that Italy stands for. It’s also incredibly romantic.

5. Santorini

When people think of Santorini they immediately think of white sandy beaches. But there is so much more to it. Santorini offers a lot, from a stunning view of the volcano, to huge cliffs to Red Beach and even Black Beach.

6. New York City

It’s sexy to be lost among 9 million people in a large city with your lover. We bet you will want to recreate the love scenes you saw in movies set in NYC.

7. Big Sur

Big Sur makes it seem like you aren’t even in California. Enjoy a morning walk through the forest, and then spend the afternoon relaxing on one of the most unique and beautiful beaches in the country.

You can snuggle with your loved one by setting up a tent!

8. Maui

Hawaii is an archipelago full of heaven. Hawaii is a paradise on earth. You can reach it in just 5 hours from Los Angeles. If you are American, language and currency will not be a problem.

Maui’s natural beauty rivals that of any other island so it makes for a romantic, beautiful trip!

9. Los Angeles

It is a wonderful place to call home. Downtown isn’t what you think of as “LA”, but the beautiful beaches and hills surrounding it are.

Southern California has some of the most beautiful beaches, weather, and food in the United States.

10. Amberg

Amberg, a small but charming town in Germany is just a few hours from Munich. This is where we stayed during Oktoberfest, along with a friend who lives nearby. You will find a lot of German cliches in the town that will bring a smile on your face and fill you with love.