Top 10 Solo Female Traveler Experiences

Out of all the amazing travel experiences that I have had, my most memorable memories were from solo trips. Although I enjoy traveling with my family and friends, it is so liberating and empowering to travel alone.

There are many incredible experiences waiting for you, whether you’re planning your first solo trip (read my article 10 Tips for Going Solo Before You Go) or if you’re an experienced explorer. You don’t need to go it alone.

You can connect with other travelers on a variety of adventures.

Are you ready to take the road? These are my top 10 solo female travel experiences around the globe.

Walk Camino de Santiago

Spain is a great place to solo female travelers. It has been ten years ago that I visited Spain to study abroad. The country will always hold a special place within my heart.

The Camino de Santiago is the best way to see Spain. You can also follow the Way of Saint James. There are many paths that will show you Spain’s authentic side.

You can follow common paths through Santiago de Compostela and San Sebastian, Bilbao and Santander. You’ll meet many solo travelers along the way, so it’s an excellent way to make connections.

Take a TBA Escapes Retreat to South Africa

TBA Escapes is another great way to meet like-minded women. Enjoy a trip with you and a group of amazing ladies.

Previous trips were so much fun! It’s possible to explore South Africa and improve your photography skills. You can also make connections with people from all over the globe.

Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

To finally reach Machu Picchu, I spent four days hiking up the Inca Trail. Although it is a strenuous hike, it is so worth it once you reach Machu Picchu.

I joined a group of guides and hikers, which was a great way to meet other travelers and receive help along the way.

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A European River Cruise

With U by UNIworld, you can explore the rivers of France and Germany with U. These guys are a travel company that specializes in creating travel experiences specifically for millennials.

U by UNIworld organizes trips for the top festivals in Europe as well as other specialized options. To find the right cruise for you, take their quiz on travel personality.

Enjoy the Yacht Week

I have been on many The Yacht Week trips and found them to be a great way to meet other travelers. The Yacht Week in Greece is a great experience for solo travelers.

Sign up for TYW Greece with a fellow solo traveler. This allows you to meet new people on your yacht, and also gives you the opportunity to make connections with other yacht owners during parties.

I made so many great friends on TYW and can’t recommend it enough.

Europe Backpacking

Solo female travelers will love traveling around Europe. While I was in Europe, I received a Eurail Pass that allowed me to travel to many different locations.

It is easy to travel from one city to another and meet people at each destination.

UK Road Trip

The United Kingdom is a popular destination for a roadtrip. You can self-drive through England and visit amazing places such as London or Stratford-upon-Avon.

You can also continue on up to Scotland or take a ferry to Ireland.

Iceland: Explore

This beautiful destination is my favorite in the world. There is so much to do and see in Iceland. You can join a variety of tours and also stay in hostels that will allow you to meet other travellers.

Iceland is also a top destination for diving, making it a great choice for a road trip.

Backpack Southeast Asia

Thailand was my first solo travel experience. It’s one that I will never forget. It is a stunning country and perfect for solo travel. This place has it all: beautiful beaches, delicious food, and friendly people.

Also, I had a wonderful time exploring the temples in Angkor in Cambodia. My recent trip to Indonesia on a liveaboard for diving was a dream come real. It was a great experience meeting so many people from all walks of the globe.

New Zealand: Adventure in the Wild

New Zealand is another place I will always love. This country is ideal for solo female travelers.

There will be many backpackers traveling around the country, and you’ll find them all. You’ll meet many travelers who are looking for stories to share in hostels.