Tips to Visit the Prosecco Vending Machines in Italy

There is nothing more romantic than sipping prosecco and taking in the beautiful views of Italy. La dolce Vita is all about food and drink. Everything in Italy revolves around culinary delights.

My Ultimate Guide to Eating Like a Local in Italy talked about how to eat all the Italian delights, from Positano to Venice. Now, it’s your turn, friends! Let’s get sparkling wine…in one of the most innovative vending machines anywhere in the world! Wait, what?

In Italy, there is a vending machine that sells prosecco.

Don’t forget Doritos or Coca-Cola! You can not only choose prosecco but also wine and olives, as well as biscotti. This does not mean that all machines in Italy are capable of producing prosecco, but this machine can be found in the Prosecco area in the northern part.

Le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene

How to get to the Prosecco region

The Prosecco region is also known as Le Colline del Prosecco Di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene. It’s a European fairytale. This area is home to wineries and an old farmhouse, nestled on the vine-covered terraces. paradise.

You will need to fly to Venice or Treviso to reach the Prosecco region. Both cities have international airports, and both are easily accessible by train. You can hire a taxi driver in the local area if you are planning to explore the area after you have arrived.

Fun fact: The Prosecco Region is the newest and most important addition to the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. Prosecco is only available in this region.

My Tips for Day Trips

I have been to wonderful winelands in South Africa and vineyards all over the world. The Prosecco region is quite different. It’s not important to pair the bubbly with other types.

Expect a different wine tasting experience.

Prosecco is not a tourist destination like many other areas. This is especially true considering the fame of their sparkling wine. You will need to plan ahead when you visit Le Colline del Prosecco Di Conegliano Valdobbiadene. You won’t find the best attractions when you arrive.

Research the top places to visit, and which wineries or tasting areas you would like to visit. There is not much English spoken in the area and it’s hard to chat about sparkling wines. Enjoying the sights and the slight buzz is what it’s all about.

How to Visit the Prosecco Vending Station

After you have tried a few, it’s time to go to the vending machine! Osteria Senz’Oste is the best place to start your journey. (Senz’oste in Italian means “without host” and is the honest kitchen I mentioned earlier. You can find all your picnic supplies here in the farmhouse.

There are several places to relax inside the Osteria, as well as some tables that can be viewed from the outside. It’s nice to take a break here, but it’s not the best place to stay. Grab your supplies and start walking up the hill in search of sparkling wine. Follow the signs that read ‘Prosecco’ (like breadcrumbs).

My Italian trip was incomplete without the Prosecco Vending Machine. It was a charming little attraction. The Prosecco region was still a standout among all the wine regions that I have visited.

It is, however, a controversial item. Some people believe vending machines aren’t worthy of the Prosecco wine because they don’t have the best reputations. Wine doesn’t require pomp and circumstance, according to me. A good bottle wine doesn’t need pomp and circumstance, no matter how it’s served by a top-notch sommelier or vending machine.

Prosecco comes in a range of prices, some as low as 20 Euros and others as low at 10 Euros.

We chose a brut wine, and there were so many choices, we decided to go with the one with the coolest labels (because how else can one choose?). The arm was futuristic and gently grasped the bottle before handing it over.