Tips for sailing the Saronic Islands of Greece

You’ll find many tzatziki options when sailing around Greece. There are secluded coves and chic bars, as well as restaurants and bars. I fell in love with the Saronic Islands after sailing with The Yacht Week Greece.

Sailing is the best way for you to enjoy the many islands that are available. These are my top tips for sailing the Saronic Islands of Greece.

Day 1: Alimos

The largest marina in Greece is Alimos Marina. This marina is located 9 miles southwest from Athens and it’s where you will find any yacht or sailing boat that you want to use to explore the Greek islands.

Day 2: Erimioni

Peloponnese’s small town of Erimioni. The area has many summer homes that have been built in recent years, which has led to a boom in tourism.

You can take a stroll through the cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses if you need some R&R. There are many traditional coffeehouses (kafeneia), and small taverns where you can enjoy a glass or two of wine.

Day 3: Spetses

Spetses is famous for its old harbor and Dapia which are the commercial centers where all the entertainment takes place. You can ride a horse-drawn carriage on the island, or visit historical naval spots such as the House of Bouboulina and the House of Hatzigiannis Mexis.

Rent an ATV to experience more adventure and explore the island by wheels.

Day 4: Porto Heli

Porto Heli is the most famous and luxurious destination of all. Luxury brands are included, as well as world-class food and white sand beaches.

It is very similar to the Amalfi coast, but without the tourist crowds. Look no further if you want to experience some of the most popular beach parties in Greece.

Nikki Beach, Porto Heli, is world-famous for its beach party scene. Actually, “Niki” is Greek for “victory”. The resorts feature infinity pools and DJs who will bring you in.

Day 5: Natural Bay at Dokos

Dokos is the Saronic Gulf’s most remote island. The island is home to only 50 people.

It is best to explore the island by bicycle. Stop by the Old Olive Press Taverna to get local food and beverages after you have gotten a good appetite.

Day 6: Hydra

Hydra is one the most laid-back Greek islands. It is just 50 km square. There are no cars or motor vehicles on the island.

The only way to travel is by donkeys or water taxis.

Enjoy a day of exploring the alleyways and taking in the architecture. The port has clear water, and nearby beaches are often unaffected.

Day 7: Athens

Did you know that Athens was the historic capital of Europe? It actually dates back to 5th century BC.

It has a long history and many amazing archeological sites. Acropolis, which you have most likely seen in your history books, and Parthenon are two of the most well-known sites.

It is always a good idea to check if there are free walking tours in any new city that you visit. Athens offers one of the best. The 3 hour tour took me to all the archeological sites of Athens.

For souvenir shopping and fresh fruit, you can also visit the Athens Flea Market. You will find fruit stands selling cheap cherries, nectarines, and just about everything else you can imagine.

You will find a wide variety of delicious, authentic Greek food in the city. Ask locals for their suggestions. Don’t forget to try Greek yogurt with spoon treats!

Sailing is the best way for you to experience Greece’s most beautiful islands in a short time.