The Truth About Staying at a Hostel

Many people who travel are familiar with staying in hostels. You might be uncertain if you should stay in a hostel if you are just starting out in budget backpacking.

They’re stories, but they are unlikely!

A hostel can be a great option for budget travel. A lot of negative experiences with hostels are due to one bad experience. These hostels are a great way for travelers to get together and save money.

These are some common myths about hostels.

Only for young people

This is a common misconception. You’d be amazed at the number of older adults and families who stay in hostels. This can be a great thing. Younger people can benefit from the wisdom and insights of older travelers.

Partiers and Backpackers

Not necessarily! It can be exhausting. Most people who stay in hostels just want to sleep well. Some hostels are known for being party-oriented, but it is possible to identify which hostels attract these people by doing some research.

They’re dirty

Hostels are clean and well-maintained. Good customer service and reviews are key to their business. They are committed to providing clean accommodation.

It is possible to have a messy roommate at hostels. You can rest assured that your sheets and floors will be spotless, and that the staff will clean the bathrooms every day.

Packed with People

You will be sharing a space with other people, it’s true. This is the idea. You won’t feel cramped like sardines. Everybody gets their own bed, and all hostels have beds that are well-spaced.

Most likely, you’ll be assigned a bunk bed. You might also find a stranger sleeping in the same bed as you. If you don’t want to live in a dormitory, some hostels offer private accommodation at a fraction of the cost.

They are dangerous

You’ve probably seen or heard about horror movies that were based on someone who stays in a hostel. Movies are movies, and that’s the great thing about them!

Hostels can be very safe. Most have security cameras and are open 24 hours a day. You can always tell staff if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable and request a room swap!


No matter where you’re staying or traveling, theft can happen. Hostels are a great option because you can share your experience with fellow travelers and backpackers.

Hostels have lockers in their rooms for your safety. So make sure you bring a lock to keep your belongings safe while you’re away.

Sharing a room with the opposite sex

This is often more important for girls. It’s not just that boys can sometimes be smelly or snore, but also because some girls have these same issues. It can be intimidating for a female to share space with men they don’t know, but it is possible.

However, I have stayed in many co-ed dorms over the years and had wonderful experiences. For privacy, co-ed dorms may have an ensuite bathroom. However, the hostel will have separate bathrooms for male and female guests.

No matter if you are staying in the same sex dorm as your co-ed roommate, most travelers will be polite and respectful to your privacy.

Loud People and Little Sleep

Earplugs make traveling so much easier! You can use earplugs to make your travels more peaceful, whether you are on a plane with a baby, sleeping on a train or trying to fall asleep in a hostel.

It’s a great way to drift off into the land of la la. You’ll find it easy to fall asleep when you are exhausted from your travels.


It is difficult to share bathrooms, especially when there are only a few showers. The hostel staff cleans the bathrooms every day so cleanliness is not an issue. To be safe, always bring a pair flip flops to use in the shower.

Although hostels are generally able to provide enough facilities to accommodate guests, it is a good idea to schedule your showers for times when there will be less people.

Cheap Hotels vs. Cheap Hostels

Hostels are often the cheapest accommodation option in the world. However, that is not the only reason to consider staying in one. A hotel is much more social than a hostel.

A hostel is a great way to make new friends and share your travel experiences with others. Hostels can be a great way for travelers to make new friends and share their experiences with others.

Hostels can be found in all sizes, styles and shapes. There is no one-size-fits all hostel. There are luxury hostels all over the globe that offer luxurious accommodation at a very affordable price.