The New Face of Travel Experiences

One thing that interests me is the evolution of travel. Modern life gives people so many options to travel, and allows them to go further and more frequently than their grandparents.

According to a survey by Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase that was conducted recently, this trend was confirmed. They rely on their travel expertise to confirm that similar changes are taking place. For millennials aged between 18-34 years, adventure, experiences, and great nightlife are more important than for older travelers.

What do Millennial Travelers Really Want?

The survey was conducted among millennials, Generation X (those between 35-49 years old) and Baby Boomers (those 50-67 years old), who travel regularly and stay at least five nights per annum for business or pleasure.

It was found that 32% of millennials were more interested in traveling for charitable purposes than other age groups. This compares to 18% among Generation X travelers, and 17% among Baby Boomers. The millennial traveler wants more than just relaxing on a beach or in beautiful destinations.

Travel Experiences are Increasingly Important

I am a millennial passionate about travel and it is no surprise that younger travelers are more drawn to excitement than relaxation. 78% of them want to go on thrilling trips while 32% would rather take a relaxing vacation.

Travelers are increasingly looking for memorable experiences, such as water sports and safaris that allow them to see wild animals. Younger travelers are increasingly valuing the quality of the bars and clubs in their destinations, as well as the travel experiences.

How to Fund New Opportunities in Travel

Younger people are likely to spend a lot on vacation. The Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase allows them to earn accelerated Marriott Rewards points.

You can use these points to fund many aspects of your next vacation. More information can be found here. Reward credit cards are one of the most effective travel hacks. You can not only earn points for your hotel stay, but also for all other purchases made on the card.

What is the Influence on Our Perception of Travel Hot Spots?

The survey, which included travelers aged 18 to 67, looked at many different factors. But it also asked what made a destination attractive.

The Baby Boomers looked more likely at travel magazines to find their next vacation spot, but millennials were more interested in celebrity and pop culture when selecting their next destination.

Although I will always be passionately interested in travel, it has given me some food for thought about the things that other people consider important about traveling.