List of Travel Buckets for 2022

It seems like it was a lifetime ago when I created my 2022 travel bucketlist! Although things have changed a lot since then, one thing has remained the same:

Wanderlust is a constant. There are never enough experiences to go around, no matter where you travel.

You don’t need to travel across the globe to enjoy a magical adventure. We’re not even talking about crossing borders with this year’s travel bucket.

Let’s take a look at the top domestic and social-distanced adventures near us, no matter where you may be on this beautiful planet.

Go On a Solo Trip

This is your chance to go on a solo journey if you have never done so. You don’t have to go far, it doesn’t matter what place you go.

It is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your self to learn how to enjoy your company. You don’t need to travel the world alone.

You can work your way up. You can go to a cafe by yourself and enjoy the peace and solitude. You can explore a gallery or see a movie you only want to see. Enjoy a weekend in the next city.

You may have read my tips on getting started in solo travel. Now is the time to get into it. You’ll be amazed at how amazing you can make your company.

Staycation in your City

It doesn’t matter if you go it alone, with your significant other, or with a group, this is the perfect time to get to know our homes better. You can see your city through new eyes, and you’ll remember why it was so special to you.

Here are some tips and tricks from my How to Plan the Perfect Staycation. There are many ways to have fun without having to go anywhere, including free excursions and pamper-yourself weekends.

Stay at a Cool Airbnb

I fell in love with Airbnbs again after the lockdowns started. I love looking at the beautiful homes of others and then calling them my own for a few hours.

Check out my list of the most amazing Airbnbs in the US.

You can find a place that is unique and a destination all by itself. You can make your own gourmet meal, stargaze in a treehouse or view the sunset from the mountaintops for the same price as a night at a bar and restaurant.

Take a road trip

Although it may seem daunting to travel during COVID, it can be very easy when you choose to take a road trip. You can see amazing sights from the comfort and safety of your own vehicle.

These are the Top Road Trips in America. Get your suitcases packed and get on the road!

Wander through a National Park

It is a blessing to have so many beautiful national parks in North America.

You could spend your entire life exploring national parks, from Rocky Mountain National Park to Banff and Yellowstone to name a few, but you would never get to see them all.

Go Glamping

Yes! While roughing it is great in theory, it can easily turn into a stressful I-can’t-wait-to-shower experience that leaves you dreaming of your own bed.

Glamping is the way to go.

You will find plenty of options, whether you want to go right in your backyard (literally), or visit one of the incredible glamping locations all over the country.

Organise a wellness trip with your friends

To unwind, you don’t have to go to a spa. You don’t need to go to a spa or join a yoga retreat. A good plan is all that’s needed to create a rejuvenating experience. Recently, I was inspired to plan a new type of getaway for my girlfriends.

There are so many tips to host a wellness retreat with friends. I have found that it is crucial for my happiness and well being to disconnect from all the distractions in my life and spend quality time with my girls.

Make a dish from another country

Even though you may not be able travel to the exotic locale you desire, you can still bring some of the flavors back home. Thanks to your amazing tips, I have compiled some delicious recipes that will transport you to other parts of the world.

You can sample wine at a German Christmas market. Get sweet treats from a Philippine bakery. Enjoy the delicious flavors of Sri Lankan Curry. You can even do it in your own kitchen.

Learning how to make these dishes with your own hands is a great way to get a better understanding of the culture and what makes them so special.

Learn a new language

The best way to learn a language is to speak it. Imagine being able chat with locals on your next trip.

Learning a language opens up a whole new world.

You can find a lot of free resources, as well as online tutors and in-depth courses that will make learning easy and even fun.

Go Leaf Peeping

It’s the best part about summer ending is seeing fall foliage. But you have to plan ahead.

You’d be amazed at how different leaves look in different places at different times.

Get ready for the pumpkin spice season by reading my guide to The Best Destinations for Leaf Peeping in the United States and also The Best United States Destinations for Fall Tourism!

Which are your favorite closer-to-home trips? My experience has taught me that traveling is about how you think. It doesn’t take much to experience an amazing adventure, and you can return with new eyes.