10 Places to See in Greece: No Santorini

You might not realize how diverse the Greek Islands are!

Greece is a whole new world, from the white and blue abodes along the Cyclades Islands coast to the lush greenery on the Ionian islands to historical sites at Dodecanese island, to the richness of the Cyclades islands’ coastline.

Santorini is a beautiful place that I love. Just look at these photos! You’re spoilt for choice. You could miss out on the chance to have the lifetime experience by booking a ticket to the first name you know.

It’s all about finding the right island for you adventure in Greece.

Are you ready for a vacation of a lifetime? These are 10 places you need to see in Greece.


Perhaps you’ve seen Milos mentioned as part of my Tips for Traveling to Greece on a budget. This island is a must-see, and not just because it’s more affordable than others — although that’s definitely a perk!

This off-the-beaten-track destination offers a glimpse into authentic local culture at the Cyclades group islands’ southwestern corner.

Milos is far more than the generic hotels and restaurants you see in many Greek tourist hotspots.

Ruins of Temple of Apollo


Everyone knows that the Greek Islands are a must-see destination for beach lovers. The beach can be many things for many people, as any true beach bum will tell you.

Naxos is the right choice if your seaside adventures are more about having fun than relaxing in the sun.

You can kitesurf or windsurf in this watersports paradise. Total newbie? No worries! There are many schools that can help you get started.

Tip for Planning:


Mykonos, one of the most visited destinations on the Greek Islands is probably the most well-known name on the list.

It’s a place I have been to several times, and each visit is different. You can have a wild, non-stop party at one of the many luxury resorts or a romantic getaway in a tranquil setting.

Select your adventure and then go to my Ultimate Mykonos Travel Guide for help in planning.


Crete is a beautiful year-round destination. However, I love it for April vacations. You can find pastel villas along the white-sand coast between the lively cities of the island.

This is the largest of all the Greek islands and a great choice if you’re looking to do lots of exploration without having to go island hopping.


While sailing the Saronic Islands of Greece, I was able to visit the small island of Hydra. You won’t find one car or motorbike on this small island, which is only 50 km (31 miles) in area. This laidback island is popular for its water taxis.


You already know I am obsessed with Paros if you have seen my Tips for Traveling to the Greek Islands.

While beautiful beaches in Greece are plentiful, these beaches are exceptional.


You’ll find Ios, a much-loved island between Santorini and Naxos.

Popular party spot is this Cycladic island located in the middle of the Aegean sea. Ios is a more affordable option than Mykonos, but just as stunning. It attracts a younger crowd.

This is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a getaway with your girlfriends or a place that can be easily reached by ferry.


As you tour this historic village in Rhodes, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale.

The Unesco World Heritage Site Rhodes Old Town, one of Europe’s most well-preserved medieval cities, is an amazing glimpse at how life was in Greece.

Things are looking brighter these days, too! There are many cultural events in Rhodes, beautiful beaches and numerous restaurants.


Kos is another great place for history buffs. There are many ancient Roman and Greek treasures to be found.

You can wander villas dating back to the third century and sip cocktails at the beach. Then, jet-set as wild peacocks roam the distance. What’s that for a day out?

Kos is more than just a historical overview of Greece. It was also a cultural meeting place where you can dive deeper into the Mediterranean culture.


This is a popular destination for adventurers because of its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and magical caves.

Those hidden beaches are just the best! These hidden beaches in Kefalonia are great for those times when you just want to relax and unwind on the oceanside.